A 35mm depth box is recommended for switches and sockets. A 49mm depth box is recommended for cooker switches and shaver sockets.

3 Gang switch has 3 individual switches lined up side by side. 2 Gang switch has 2 individual switches lined up side by side. 1 Gang switch has 1 switch.

2 Way is a switch that controls a light where there is another switch that also controls the same light, such as at the top and bottom of the stairs. 1 Way is that it’s the only switch to control a light.

Yes. a 2 Way switch can be used as a 1 Way Switch but not the other way round.

Yes, they can be located in zone 2 (or beyond) according to the IEE Wiring Regulations defining zones for electrical equipment in bathrooms, providing they are unlikely to be the subject of direct spray from any shower.

Please note this information is given for guidance only, always refer to the current IEE Wiring Regulations or a qualified electrician to ensure that you are guided by the latest regulations/code of practice.

No. The dimmer switches are not suitable for any kind of energy saving lights. They are suitable for standard, low voltage & mains voltage lighting including low voltage halogen & mains halogen. Please see products description for more details.

A DOUBLE pole switches is live and neutral.

A SINGLE pole switches is live only;

The double pole switch is safer but inevitably more expensive.

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